Tomorrow Foundation partner of the MEDays Talks 2020

November 2020 Morocco

Tomorrow Foundation was the main partner of the 2020 MEdays Talks organized by the Amadeus Institute, a series of videoconferences organized from the 10th to the 17th November around the topic “In the wake of Covid-19: responses, recovery and disruption”.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MEDays Talks replaced the traditional MEDays Forum held every year in Tangiers, a high level continental platform regrouping hundreds of high-quality experts, country leaders, major corporate representatives and NGOs to exchange ideas and solutions to promote development in Africa and north-south and south-south cooperation.

The Medays Talks pursued the reflection work performed along the year by the Institute regarding the multidimensional repercussions of Covid-19, at national and continental level, through the mobilization of its international network of experts and the publication of numerous articles and reports.   

Deeply concerned by development strategies in Africa, international cooperation, development of new technologies, new leaderships and opportunities arising from the Covid-19 crisis, Tomorrow Foundation was strongly willing to support the Amadeus Institute initiative.

During the set of conferences, Tomorrow Foundation also co-organized the videoconference held on November 11 on the theme “Strengthening Africa’s Competitiveness & Growth: Investing in Services, Industries, Energy & Infrastructure”. The videoconference gathered 12 speakers from the political, economic and international organizations world, including our founder.

Tomorrow Foundation took this opportunity to present its opinion on the investment approach for projects in Africa and how it has to be changed:

  • First, countries have to break geographical and national boundaries to work together, creating synergies and leveraging on the strengths of everyone to complete successfully strategic projects
  • Secondly, a more qualitative approach is required, from the project identification to the project implementation, with social impact as an objective and not only the financial return.

In order to make these 2 main changes possible, think tanks, independent advisory experts, NGOs or fund management companies involved in impact investment or similar bodies have a primary role to play. They shall intervene upstream of the projects to advise authorities and then be in first line to suggest and embrace all the parties involved, from government to contractors and investors.   

Tomorrow Foundation will support this new approach promoting international cooperation, relevant economic models, management and project teams involving nationals and African global elite, efficiency objectives and controls to ensure transparency and ethics.   

Full video of the conference "Strengthening Africa’s Competitiveness & Growth: Investing in Services, Industries, Energy & Infrastructure”:

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