Our vision

We are united by the same objective - to make Africa a more economically developed, politically stable and culturally confident continent


The youths of today are the Leaders of Tomorrow

To realize today’s youths becoming the leaders of tomorrow requires an upscaling of the priority that’s being given to youth education globally. This can ignite the possibility of change in the grand scheme of things, starting by giving life-changing tools to one individual at a time. We are providing hope and giving young people the chance to not only survive but conduct a dignified life where they thrive and are in control.


Challenging the traditional approach

Our charitable work is based on the belief that supporting and facilitating learning-based development and collaboration, empowering the youth, and giving back their autonomy have greater effectiveness in meeting our objectives than the traditional assistance solely through funding.


The power of knowledge

We are continuously conducting research within the areas of counterterrorism and conflict resolution due to our passionate drive to find optimal solutions for maintaining internal and external stability throughout the African continent which seems increasingly more vital.


Cultural affirmation

We believe in the need for cultural affirmation. To help anyone we need to meet them where they are and not try to change them at their core. Thus, we promote the perpetuation of African ancestral traditions and we encourage modern African people to be aware and confident in their own cultures.


Soft Barriers

We developed the concept of soft barriers, building on the idea that the multiplication of small-scale development projects that are easy to start and which are addressing the most urgent needs of specific communities is the best way to fight against marginalization and radicalization of the most vulnerable populations.


Policies & International cooperation

The foundation acts also at a larger scale and upper level for the populations in need, promoting and assisting the development of more efficient and fairer economic policies and international cooperation.


Transparency and collaboration

Finally, we believe in the importance of transparency and collaboration. Therefore, we are evaluating each project submission according to an objective evaluation method in order to optimize the effectiveness of the use of funds. Furthermore, we are on a continuous quest of developing healthy partnerships with organizations sharing our values ​​to increase our reach and impact. 


Tomorrow Foundation - strive today, strive for tomorrow