Tomorrow Foundation Invited by UWC’s Changshu Campus

September 2018 China

Tomorrow Foundation founder was recently invited to visit UWC’s Changshu campus in China. Founded in 1962, UWC (United World College) aims at creating a more peaceful and sustainable future through an education based on cultural mix, shared learning, collaboration, and understanding. As of today, UWC has 17 schools and colleges on 4 continents, the majority of which focus exclusively on the 16-19 year-old age group.

Changshu campus has 570 students from 103 countries and 80 teachers, with an education program focusing on Chinese culture, leadership and environmental protection.

Tomorrow Foundation shares the same vision of education. It also believes in the importance to mix students from different cultures and even more important from various economic background. Give a fair chance to underprivileged youth to develop their abilities, reward efforts, promote innovation spirit and cooperation, to ultimately help them to grow intellectually and professionally.
Our founder took the opportunity of this visit to talk with African students, and exchange about their African dream and vision of the future. It enriched the Foundation understanding of the continent expectations and brought more perspectives to get further involved in education initiatives at an international level.

Following its action earlier this year with Junior Achievement Gabon, Tomorrow Foundation will pursue its efforts to support African youth skills development, sponsoring a major regional business competition in Africa in the coming months and launching new projects in the education sector.

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