Tomorrow Foundation Chief Advisor appointed board member of Rwanda Development Board

May 2020 Rwanda

We are very proud to announce that M. Liban Soleman, Chief Advisor of Tomorrow Foundation, was appointed on May 18th, 2020 board member of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Headquartered in Kigali, the RDB aims at coordinating, spurring and promoting the national economic development.  It includes agencies in charge of company registration, investment promotion, environmental authorizations and privatization as well as specialized agencies for the support of the Communication and Information Technologies, tourism, SMEs and development of human capacities.

The board will be headed by Itzhak Fisher as chairman with Evelyn Kamagaju as the vice chairman. The other members on the board are Ivan Kagame, Alice Nkulikiyinka, Diane Karusisi, Eric Kacou, Solange Uwituze, and Faith Keza.

Rwanda is often presented as a model for other countries in terms of democracy, social-economic development and long term planning. With its political stability, high potential for economic development and higher transparency, the country represents the future trend of the continent.   

This nomination will offer a great visibility to our foundation in order to promote further our vision of a fairer, more sustainable economic development associated with human capital development and rise of a new generation of business leaders.